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You’re Making My Head Hurt!

I recently delivered a speech to a Christian group that I knew they would be interested in hearing. They are a lively bunch and love to debate each other. They even get together after their gathering for discussion, which can often get quite heated.

I knew my topic would be provocative for them. However, I didn’t give much thought to just what kind of impact my speech might have on them. And THAT was quite irresponsible.

[img] Your arguments are making my head hurt
photo courtesy of photography33 @ DepositPhotos

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Does Your Faith Include Others?

When one’s faith has become so small that we pray for our own needs and wants, yet ignore the plight of those around us, something has become seriously wrong. Our faith is not big enough for others.

[img] Does your faith include others?
photo courtesy of Gordon Ashbridge & avisualplanet.com
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