How to Avoid the Subversion of Television

[image] Media Images Girl with Remote Control

I came across the following quote from Bryan Fischer, director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy for the American Family Association, in a conversation with conservative talk show host Kevin Miller:

What’s illustrated [by Modern Family] is the way that the media influences the way that people think about life. The portrait there that’s being presented is designed to make you think that same-sex households are wonderful, they’re loving, this is paradise, this is the optimum nurturing environment for children, to make you think that heterosexual marriage is bondage, it’s dreary, it’s gloomy, and we know that the social research indicates exactly the opposite. You know, that’s the danger. It’s just like getting a little bit of poison over a long period of time, eventually getting enough accumulation in there where it can be kind of lethal to the organism. And I think that’s what you’re seeing with a lot of this programming. It has to do with kind of the basic view of morality and marriage and life and family that people have. It’s very corrosive; people are just watching TV to be entertained, not realizing that their view of life is being twisted in a way that’s very harmful to them and harmful to our culture.

Now, I know that some will react badly to my saying so, but I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with the above statement.  Even if you are pro-same-sex-marriage, you cannot deny the subversive power of television and other forms of media to undermine the beliefs and values of passive viewers.

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Kenneth Boa on glorifying God

[image] on glorifying God
If we wish to serve and glorify God, the most authentic expression of this desire will be in the ordinary activities of life.
(Kenneth Boa)

Can God Use A Broken Heart and Dysfunctional Family?

[image] Boy is sad about fighting parents

I love my children.  But every time I look at some of my favourite photos of them it breaks my heart.  It pains me to know that I am their father because I feel that I am a bad father:  I get upset with my children when I have no reason to be upset with them; I don’t always answer their questions completely; I don’t always explain my rules; I make them do chores around the house; I don’t always let them have the lollies they ask for … what kind of a father am I anyway? :-)

Even as my family is dysfunctional in these ways, my own childhood was far worse.  And, I suspect, every house on my street contains a dysfunctional families, to one degree or another.

Anyone would be led to despair at such a thought.  What saddens me most is that some people take this thought a step further thinking that God will not draw close to such depraved and dysfunctional people.  For such as those, let me remind you that even among God’s family are found the broken hearts of dysfunctional people!

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Who Wouldn’t Want To Follow Jesus?

Jesus with eyes wide open

This past weekend, I delivered two speeches on the subject of Christian lifestyle.  I was trying to explain —first to a group of university students on retreat; second to the adults of my congregation— what it is like, and why it is important, to live our life based on the belief that the good news about Jesus is the focal point for our lives.  In other words, what it means to live for Jesus —in other words, to follow Jesus.

Both speeches took as their starting point the Bible passage Mark 8:34-38.  There is recorded Jesus telling the crowd that to be his disciple one must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow him. These are, unquestionably confronting words and challenging words to live up to.

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