On the Question of Good and Evil

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I have recently discovered Frank Viola and look forward to reading some of his books, especially Jesus: A Theography (with Leonard Sweet) and Pagan Christianity (with George Barna).

Having discovered Frank, then, I want to recommend to you an article he posted, in the wake of the mass murder in Newton, Connecticut, USA.  He wrote a much longer treatment of the subject, but I want to recommend to you instead his summary of that article into 7 points.  I think you’ll get the gist of what he was writing and be impressed with his treatment of the issue.

In the face of tragedy and evil, we all cry out for answers … this is natural.  And, of course, the question of God’s existence will come into play in such times because we would all like to know that someone, somewhere, is powerful enough to stop such tragedies.  So, the reasoning goes, if that someone, somewhere, didn’t stop the tragedy, either he/she/it doesn’t care, he/she/it isn’t so powerful, or he/she/it is not real.  Each of these conclusions only exacerbate our despair, yet the question remains: Where is God in all of this?

Read :: “7 Points About Resolving the Question of God & Evil” by Frank Viola

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